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Creating new content on the web has never been easier. Love photos? We do too. Blog as much as you want. Create new pages! You can embed videos from YouTube or Hulu. Add Google Maps, and make your pages bursting with interesting media. Of course no page or post is complete without good content. Use the super easy text editing tools to make content bold, italicized, and scratched through just like you would have with your old word processing software. We know all about the frustration of losing hours of work, so when you’re writing WordPress continuously saves your post, just in case.

And it’s not just about blog posts – create pages. That’s right – take the reins out of the webmaster’s hands and gain control of your site! Create new pages for anything you want – rooms, area attractions, and policies.

Find Me!

Everyone knows that your website is your #1 marketing tool. It is important that that tool is working hard for you. In this day and age, that means a website that has great Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or visibility on the web. every website on inndx.com will has search engine friendly HTML and CSS styling, automatic XML sitemap generation, and the option to customize you meta data on each page. With these tools, you have the power and tools in place to drive traffic to your pages and blog posts.

Come on Over

Already blogging but want to be a part of the “inn” crowd? We can easily import your current WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or Blogspot blog into inndx. Surround yourself with a community of innkeepers and bloggers who are writing, talking and thinking about the same things you are. Post your specials and get them seen right away! Be a part of a something that will be focused around your industry and your specific needs and clientele.

Who Dat?

Who are we, and why are we doing this? We are InsideOut Solutions, and we’ve been building websites for bed and breakfasts for 15 years. All that experience led us to a whole new way of using technology to make your day easier, and let you get back to what you do best — taking care of your guests.

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