Dealing with Big Pages

Some of you may have a special button in your toolbar that makes this really easy.


Be mindful though, that this is a very similar button just to the left of the one highlighted above.

When you click this button, you’ll get a ‘next page’ marker in your post wherever your cursor was.


And that is all it takes.

However, you may have noticed I said it’s a special button. Not everyone has the button available by default. If your site is hosted by InsideOut, contact us to have this button enabled on your site. If your site isn’t hosted by us, you’re invited to get in touch and learn about our hosting services and what we can do for you.

The button isn’t required! With just a little daring on your part, you can add the needed tag by going into Text mode. The tag is as follows: <!--nextpage-->


This will not work if you’re in Visual mode. If you’re worried you did it wrong, just be sure to preview your post before hitting the Publish button.