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WordPress Update!

The software that powers is called WordPress, and it just recently had a big update.

Last night, these updates were applied to Inndx so you can get the latest and greatest features!


Get a quick overview of what’s new by finding the About page in your Dashboard:


While not all of the new updates may be relevant to you, I’m sure you’ll find the new media features quite lovely. Stay tuned for some more information about how you can make the most use of it in your website.

WordPress: More than just a blog

WordPress has been a top blogging choice for years, but quietly it has evolved into even more. WordPress can now be used to build an entire website Thousands of plugins are available to add advanced features such as photo galleries, event calendars and more.

Imagine being able to easily create your own new web pages, and add them into your website’s navigation without knowing a bit of HTML code! That’s the power of a WordPress website. includes themes with hundreds of options so you can customize the look of your blog or website. If you love the look of your current site, but would like to convert it into a WordPress website, contact us for a free consultation and quote.