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Alternative Ways to Start a Blog Post

You know you need to blog more, but you just can’t seem to get in the habit. Right?

We know it can be a real challenge to stare at the “Add New Post” screen and just write something. And then there are days where you have a dozen ideas and no time to write! Let’s look at a couple WordPress tools that might make it easier for you to remember those ideas or even write quick posts on the fly.


QuickPress is a great tool found right on your WordPress Dashboard. Many people find it too small to write anything of length, but it can be very useful to just write down a title and finish the post later when you have time. Just be careful not to hit Publish till you’re ready! I like to use QuickPress to create quick drafts with a few notes that I can flesh out later before I publish.


If you’re a big use of social networks like Pinterest, you may have learned about bookmarklets. Bookmarklets are like regular browser bookmarks, but instead of going to a website, they do something to the page you’re on. The PressThis bookmarklet (found under the Tools menu of your WordPress site), lets you quickly create a post based on any page you’re visiting. Perhaps there’s a news article praising your business or a new recipe you love, you can very quickly create a new post featuring a link to that site.

Check out the video below for a quick introduction to both QuickPress and PressThis.