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Dealing with Big Pages

Suppose you were writing a new blog post or a page for your website, and when you get done you realize that it’s a bit long – more of a novel. What should you do?

A lot of internet users are intimidated by big blocks of text. It doesn’t matter if that novel you wrote is a good read or even a quick read, if it simply¬†looks like a lot to take in, the visitor might just move along.

Sometimes the answer is to just rewrite. There are contexts when less really is more. Think about why the user might have come to that particular page. If it’s a location or directions page, for instance, the user most likely has a clear purpose for being there, and they want specific information. In this case, hand over that information and leave the flowing prose out.

But what if what you’ve written is really good, just long? Don’t worry, you haven’t invested that time for nothing! Let’s look at how we can break up that text into easier-to-digest pieces.

To start, go to the next page to see our “before” example of the post we’re going to fix up.