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What Are All Those Buttons For? (Or, Formatting Your Posts)

formatting-toolbarHave you ever been writing up a blog post and wanted to add a little flourish? Most of us have. But have you also found yourself wondering just what some of those buttons do? Some are easy, but let’s go though all of the toolbar buttons anyway.


Bold. Makes selected text bold. Should be used to make something stand out – if everything is in bold, it can’t do its job.


Italics. Makes selected text italicized, or emphasized. Like bold, if overused it loses its meaning.


Strikethrough. Puts a line through the text, as if to cross it out.


  • Creates
  • a
  • bulleted
  • list


  1. Creates
  2. a
  3. numbered
  4. list



“Makes the selected text stand out, great for highlighting quotes you may have used.”

– Kailey


Standard left-aligned text.


Centers the text. Use as needed but keep in mind not everything is meant for centering. For example, long blocks of text or recipes with ingredients lists and step-by-step directions become hard to follow when centered.


Makes text align to the right.


When you have selected text, this button will become active. You can enter a URL and turn the text into a link, or even search through and link to your past posts and pages.


Removes a link.


Use this to break a post into a ‘teaser’ with a ‘read more’ link.
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Alternative Ways to Start a Blog Post

You know you need to blog more, but you just can’t seem to get in the habit. Right?

We know it can be a real challenge to stare at the “Add New Post” screen and just write something. And then there are days where you have a dozen ideas and no time to write! Let’s look at a couple WordPress tools that might make it easier for you to remember those ideas or even write quick posts on the fly.


QuickPress is a great tool found right on your WordPress Dashboard. Many people find it too small to write anything of length, but it can be very useful to just write down a title and finish the post later when you have time. Just be careful not to hit Publish till you’re ready! I like to use QuickPress to create quick drafts with a few notes that I can flesh out later before I publish.


If you’re a big use of social networks like Pinterest, you may have learned about bookmarklets. Bookmarklets are like regular browser bookmarks, but instead of going to a website, they do something to the page you’re on. The PressThis bookmarklet (found under the Tools menu of your WordPress site), lets you quickly create a post based on any page you’re visiting. Perhaps there’s a news article praising your business or a new recipe you love, you can very quickly create a new post featuring a link to that site.

Check out the video below for a quick introduction to both QuickPress and PressThis.